Saturday, April 13, 2013


Hello All,

It appears as though I've abandoned this blog. For that I feel bad. I've just felt up to my ears in so many things lately that blogging seems the last thing on my mind. I miss you guys though. I thought I'd put together a little post of randomness.

* I'm starting to do better at school. I can form small sentences and communicate about 20% of what I want to say. I'm understanding when fellow students talk to me most of the time. I feel comfortable at school. My reading and writing is much better than my listening and speaking but I am very visual so I expected this.

* My sister has decided she wants to be married sooner than what I can be back home for because I'll still be in school so instead I'll be just attending the reception in August.

* My godson has tried to come far to early. My best friend was hospitalized over a week ago and they are hoping she can hold out until the end of the month. They are both ok but this has been a very stressful situation. I'm thinking of her constantly and sending her good vibes.

* I desperately want to move but BF refuses to move until summer 2014 which he says is when we'll be moving into our own home. This is a constant source of tension for us right now. I'm very unhappy where we are living and it really doesn't serve us well to be here for many reasons. *sigh*

* I've ordered my shipping supplies for my company and once it's arrived I'll be ready to open up shop. Very exciting and scary at the same time.

So tell me the latest and greatest with you. I've been trying to slowly make the rounds and check in on everybody. I miss all your stories and insight. xoxo