I am a twenty something Canadian blogger. I love all things creative and DIY. The last few years of my life have been a little crazy but in a fun and life altering way.
In 2010 I dropped my day job in pharmacy to travel with my BF. We lived in a Landcruiser and traveled the whole of Australia. Later we spent two weeks on South Island NZ this time in a van. After that it was 1 week in Hong Kong where I discovered the heaven that is dim sum. We spent 2 months exploring Thailand and 5 amazing days in Cambodia.
Upon returning to Canada I was lucky to be offered my job back. BF had different plans though and took some additional time off. Realizing he needed to be closer to his family he took a great opportunity to work at a company across Canada from me. Now we have to decide... east coast or west coast.
This blog will follow my decisions and thought process as I try to jump over the puddles in life and chase the dream we call happiness and contentment. I plan to include all things I find lovely. This includes DIY projects, music, recipes, finance and  really anything that comes in to my head.
Remember my ultimate motto is life is "sharing is caring" and that's just what I intend to do with this blog.
Bon Appetite!

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