Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Results Are In!!!

Last Thursday I visited the bank to do a credit card application. I decided that my best bet was to go right into the bank and deal with somebody one on one. If you followed me at my old blog you would know that a few years ago I was $18000 in debt and that I had pretty much ruined my credit. Any major dings I felt had been about 6 years ago but having applied for a credit card 2 years ago and being denied I was pretty deflated.

I really want to improve my credit as BF and I want to buy a house in the next 1-2 years. Since I want to be fully involved and not hold us back in anyway its time I get my financial house in order. It was so set in my mind that I would not qualify that I had considered just putting down a deposit on a secured credit card and being done with it. Then a little voice in my head said what's the harm in trying. So last Wednesday morning I called and made an appointment for the very next day. I decided I had put it off for too long.

The financial adviser that I got was sooooo awesome. She is approximately my age and went through the same thing with her husband just a few years ago. She helped him improve his credit in one year and then they bought a home together. She made me feel really good and told me to stop being so hard on myself and that I needed to realize I'm not alone out there.

She was supposed to call me tomorrow but I couldn't wait. I decided to call her to let her know she could leave a msg here since I'll be working during the day tomorrow but she said she looked right then and it appeared it was approved. I told her that I couldn't scream for joy until this was confirmed. So we hung up and she called me within 2 minutes congratulating me. Best feeling ever!

We have another appointment Friday to go over some other things and to help me get everything in order. I feel so lucky to have been assigned her and think I should write a letter to CIBC about how wonderful she was. Even if I hadn't been approved and had to put a $500 deposit down I would still be happy with her service. Banks need more people like her! The card has a $500 limit and has a high interest rate but when all goes well in 6 months I can upgrade to any card I like. This is perfect for getting me started. Next I will apply to see my credit information with Equifax. Hope that goes well to!


Monday, March 26, 2012

Family Game Night

I planned to catch up and get a lot done this weekend but it didn't really work out that way. I ended up picking up a shift yesterday which I really did need but it was sort of strange the way it happened. I was originally scheduled for it, then it was removed, then I asked for it bacl and was told no, then I was offered it again. Yeesh!
Today I ran some errands with my mom and caught up on some chores. My mom, uncle and I all ended up here and decided we should have a game night. I happened to have some pork tenderloins marinating in the fridge along side of a huge bunch of asparagus. Add some rice and a garlic bread I had on hand and POOF its dinner.
I remembered I also have a turkey sitting in the freezer. I suggested next weekend we have another game night and have turkey dinner. Then we clued in that Easter is coming up. Duh. Next thing we know we are msging people and making plans. I love how that happens. There is nothing better than kicking back, eating food and spending fun times with the people you love.

How was your weekend?

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Wrap Up Post - Trip Back to BC

I had a great time on my three week vacation. BF was a wonderful host and really gave me a lot to think about. I never thought there would be a chance in hell that I would consider a move away from my beloved Island to a province full of snow and a language I cant seem to conquer. Now I'm almost ready to pack up, sell off all my old furniture and make the leap. 
The first weekend I was there we took a trip with another couple to Quebec City. We stayed in the old city area and I loved the beauty of the buildings and how historic everything looked. We ate at good restaurants and took walks along the river. To finish off the weekend we went to the Ice Hotel which is something I've always wanted to do. It was a great weekend and it was really nice to spend time with two of BF's friends.
The second weekend BF and I did a road trip to Waterloo to visit family of mine. On our way there we stopped at Niagara Falls and viewed it from both the American and Canadian side. It was a miserable day but it was still a blast. We spent three nights in Waterloo with my family. We hung out, ate at great restaurants and just spent a lot of quality time together. It was a highlight for me because I really miss my family a lot and its hard having family across Canada that you get along with really well. I learned that if I move to Quebec I can take a super cheap train from Montreal to Toronto if I book 3 days ahead which makes me feel more comfortable and very excited at the prospect of spending more time with my Aunt and Brother. On our way back we stopped at the CN Tower. Now that was awesome. Scary as hell but so worth sucking it up and going for it.
The last weekend was more laid back. We went bowling with some of BF's friends I had never met. Turns out they were super awesome people that I genuinely liked. I bowled the infamous game that won me my own ball and BF has a new respect for my game. We also hosted a family dinner which was a success and made me realize that they like me more than I thought. Then BF and I spent the last Sunday visiting a Cabin de Sucre where we feasted on traditional delights and had a taste of maple water right from the tree. We also drove through a town that BF is interested in possibly living in at some point. I will elaborate on this more later but it was definitely right up my alley and he knew it.
I just had an incredible time overall. It was really hard leaving him and I think I'm about ready to make my decision. 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Crazy Couple of Days

Just wanted to check in before you think I'd fallen off the earth and disappeared. I am now back in BC. Got back yesterday and have to work today. Ugh. I have lots to report as soon as I can find the time. Wish me well on my first day back. Hopefully I remember how to do my job. Heehee

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy Green Day! Free Stuff!

When I posted earlier I totally missed what day it was. Duh! So here it is

Hope this offer is on in Canada as well! Mmm green stuff!

Meeting New Friends and Scoring a Bowling Ball

Right now I'm in Quebec. I've been here since March 1st and will have to leave next Tuesday super early in the morning. If you've read my "about me" page you will understand why I'm here. BF (boyfriend) has a job here. We have always lived in BC together but this is where he is currently working and has been here since mid-November. It sucks. I hadn't taken any vacation all year long and luckily I have a great boss so he let me take off 3 weeks to come here.

Part of this is an experiment. BF wants to move here for a few years. That means if I want our almost 7 year relationship to work out I will have to make the decision to follow. Not an idea I'm too keen on. So I'm out here spending time with him and thinking about what I should do.

Last night we went bowling with a few of BF's friends and family. I was pretty proud of him for suggesting and setting up a couples night so that I could meet some people who are close to him. He even made his first Facebook event. If you know BF personally you would know that this is huge. About 5 people besides us went and I have to say I had a pretty good time.

BF and I have had a running bet for years that if I bowl over 200 and beat him in a single game he will buy me my own bowling ball. Last night I creamed his ass and bowled over 200 TWICE. I have never done that even once in my life that I can remember so I was pretty proud of myself.

More importantly all of his friends seemed very excited to spend time with me and were super friendly to me. 2 people I knew, his brother and his girlfriend, but the other 3 were new to me. There was his cousin and two friends (a couple). I felt bad I didn't get to talk to his cousin really because he didn't seem to be able to understand English and my French is out the window. The couple however said they had been waiting years to meet me and said they can't wait to spend more time with us.

I know BF is trying hard to convince me in his own way that it wont be so bad if I decide to move here. It also shows me he is still very invested in our relationship to be introducing me to his friends.Its still a big decision though. I would be sacrificing a lot in my life right now to move across Canada. Anyway I'll post more on that at another time.

I know whats on your mind. Did I get the ball or not?! Well I want a crazy looking ball. Like rainbow or something. The alley last night only had boring solid colored balls or Habs ball and so I got a rain cheque on that. BF's friends made sure I took pictures as documented proof  to make sure BF ponies up when I find the perfect ball.

Tonight we are hosting a family dinner here so I should get to cleaning up this place. BF is sleeping off his awesome night of excessive drinking after being put to shame by my bowling score. :0) hehehe

What is your highest bowling score?

What is your favorite bet that you've ever won?

Thursday, March 15, 2012

40 B4 40

I feel that its always important to be working towards bettering yourself and feeling like you are accomplishing something in your life. While having yearly goals is very important there are somethings that just don't fit into that category and require more time or thought.

I had a list of 30b430 goals before (on my previous blog) but I definitely pushed beyond what I was capable of completing in such a small time frame and in the end it made me feel more like a failure than anything else. Even though my 30th birthday is not until October and I did make some progress I've decided to scrap that project and focus on 40 personal goals before I turn 40. I have a feeling my 30's are going to be awesomesauce and this list is going to help me out in that area.

So now I need to think hard about what sort of things I want to accomplish in the next 10+ years. I like a good mix of fun, self improvement and helping those around me. It will probably take me a few days to think this out.

Anyone out there have any suggestions?

What is one goal you really want to reach?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Working on Pages and Links

Boy, there sure is a lot to starting a new blog. I guess its been so long that I must have mentally blocked it all out. For today I accomplished a fair amount. I set up a few tabs up top, managed to write a "about me" page. *hint hint*, added a few links to fellow bloggers and of course posted. Whew! I now realize it will take more time than I thought to get settled in.
I'll be back tomorrow :)

Grand Opening

Welcome everyone to my new blog!
I have been blogging for about 10 years now under different titles. My last blog had a long run of about 5 years. While my readers and supporters were amazing I always felt in a rut. It finally occurred to me that instead of trying to keep foraging ahead that maybe it was time for a fresh start. This blog is of course just starting up so please bare with me while I iron out all the kinks.
The focus of this blog will be scattered and touch on all things that bring a smile to my face. My motto in life is "sharing is caring" and that is exactly what I intend to do here.
I feel refreshed and ready to jump in with both feet into this new writing adventure. Please join me.
Unabashedly yours,