Sunday, February 24, 2013

Spring Break Where Are You?

So one more full week of school and then it's spring break for me. One whole week off of school and boy do I need it. I feel a lot pressure lately. I have to do lists all over the place.I was really sad when I found out I wouldn't be able to go home for the week off because of the price of flights but now I've realized I am going to need that time to just get myself organized.

BF and I have decided to put off our weekend in Ottawa. He told me if I wait an extra month or two we'll do a long weekend in New York instead. Since it's a long time desire of mine to visit "the big apple" I accepted right away. A long weekend away is just what we need.

So now I'm asking.. what's good to do/eat in New York? 


  1. I've never been but my BFF has been and she LOVES it. Apparently, *everything* is good to eat in NY. lol!! She did a Sex and the City tour thing that she loves (BAD show, but to each their own.. lol!) and I think she caught a show or something... there's definitely a LOT to do in the Big Apple though! I'm sure you'll have a blast!! :)

    1. Haha I LOVE Sex and the City. I have the whole collection. That might be something I'd be interested in doing another time with some girlfriends. BF says he wants to plan ahead so we can see a show. I like to do touristy things but also just wander around and find places.

  2. NYC is food capital. If you're willing to pay more, there's a whole slew of good restaurants. If you want it on the cheap, food trucks are amazing too. And they're SO many good things to do. When/what month are you planing to go? Cause somethings will be better if it's warmer than snowy?


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